2013-2016: Sydney

The project started with the encounter between Geoffroy Colson and the librettist Gabriel Cavallo, during a fieldwork period in Tahiti in 2013. It has been included in Geoffroy’s PhD research project as one of the potential non-traditional research outputs.

From 2013 to 2015, preliminary stages of the project included the audition and selection of young Australian singers in development from the Opera Studies Department of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Australia), the Australian Institute of Music, and  the Polynesian community of the Greater Sydney. This led to the rehearsal and the recording of excerpts at the Sydney Conservatorium. We also premiered one of the arias in September 2016 at the Campbelltown Arts Centre, during the special event “Oceanic Rhythms”.

In engaging with a range of artists, scholars, and cultural institutions, the project contributed to the dynamism of artistic experience in the operatic realm. It provided young Australian artists in development, from various origins, with a unique opportunity to participate in a creative operatic project.

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