2018: Grand Palais, Paris

The Grand Palais in Paris is the iconic monument of the Reunion des Musées Nationaux- Grand Palais, a public cultural establishment that reports to the Minister for Culture and Communication. It showcases exceptional exhibitions to best advantage in its vast spaces, attracting over 2 million people each year.

Held from October 11, 2017 to January 22, 2018 at the Grand Palais, the exhibition “Gauguin l’Alchimiste” featured the work of one of the French major painters of the nineteenth century, and a key precursor of modern art. The exhibition illustrated his stunning career, his artistic research and gathers a wide range of artworks.

To conclude the exhibition, we have been given the opportunity to give a recital of the first act of L’Esprit du Feu at the Auditorium of the Grand Palais. Through a collaboration with the Conservatoire Municipal George Bizet (20ème arrondissement) and Jean-Marc Pont-Marchesi (artistic director of the project and chef de chant at the Paris Conservatories), we auditioned and selected a cast of solists, choir singers, and instrumentalists from the operatic repertoire class of the Paris Conservatories. In addition, the Délégation de la Polynésie Française (French Polynesian government representatives) generously provided us with a set of traditional Polynesian percussion instruments.


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