Pacific Vibrations


The Pacific Vibrations project was born in 2004, following a one-year stay of Geoffroy in Tahiti. Very impressed by the quality of traditional music, Geoffroy Colson has started an in-depth study of this music, with the aim of gathering indigenous and Western musicians around an original repertoire associating rhythmic and melodic elements from the traditional Oceanian repertoire with a jazz-derived language.

The show was performed from 2008 in the south of France, which has confirmed the accuracy of the artistic vision and the potential of the project. In 2010, as a result of the encounter with Mimifé, a French singer then recently settled in Tahiti, the project has been developed through the recording, the release, and a promotional tour in Tahiti of the CD “Matamua”, which has been supported by several media including French broadcasting company, “Polynésie 1ère”.

The project has received the label ‘2011 année des Outre Mer français’ (celebration of French overseas cultural projects), an Award from the French Government.